Participant FAQs

Why is Health First partnering with Tendo?

Health First is partnering with Tendo to provide you with a more frictionless, intuitive experience throughout your care journey. The Tendo application will deliver access to relevant medical information and streamlined communications by allowing you to view key elements of the care process in a single place.

What is the Tendo app?

The Tendo Care Journey app (“the Tendo app”) is a new application designed to help you better navigate your care needs. In this initial rollout at Health First, a select group of primary care customers will be able to use the Tendo app to find and book appointments, view post-visit summaries and orders, and access relevant medical information (e.g, labs, results, etc.).

Which Health First providers can I book appointments with through Tendo?

Tendo currently enables you to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments with these five participating primary care providers:

  • Dr. Jayde George
  • Dr. Skyhawk Fadigan
  • Dr. Randal Davis
  • Dr. Saminder Singh
  • Stephanie Bixby, APRN

New providers will join the program in the near future.

Will I see appointments from other physicians?

Yes, you will see appointments you have made with other providers at Health First. You can also cancel any of these appointments using the Tendo app.

What lab results or orders will I see in Tendo?

You will see all your orders and lab results within Tendo. For example, if you visit your primary care provider and then have a test with a specialist, that test result will be visible in Tendo.

Where can I book appointments with physicians outside of my primary care physician?

You can continue to use the Health First site (i.e., or call your provider to book appointments across the Health First system.

Do I need to do anything special as a participant?

Nope. Just use the Tendo app to manage your appointments and view your visit information. Your feedback will be used to help us improve the app and add additional functionality for future use.

Where can I submit my feedback?

Your feedback is invaluable as we look to improve features, add new functionality, and deliver a seamless care experience. You can leave your feedback at any time in the app’s “Feedback” option or at

Additional questions? Try Tendo Support:    
844-412-2800 | M-F 9a-5p EST

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