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Introducing a New Blog Series: Mike’s Metrics by Michael Burton.

by | Apr 26, 2023

Hey there, are you feeling stuck when it comes to digital transformation? Are you ready to level up your skills and learn how to use data to make a real difference in your patients’ lives and in your organization? Well then, you’re in luck! We’ve got something super exciting to announce a brand new blog series we’re calling Mike’s Metrics!

Our resident value-engineering expert, Michael Burton, is gonna take you on a wild ride through the lens of making effective decisions using actionable insights as a competitive advantage. He’s gonna share some real-life stories of people who’ve transformed their healthcare organizations with the power of data. We’re talking about patient experience, advanced analytics, and all the details of how to drive digital transformation using data to back up your strategy.

We’ve seen how digital transformation has drastically improved other industries with examples from streaming entertainment services to smartphones. It’s healthcare’s turn to reap the rewards of improved experiences and streamlined processes using technology. 

Each post is gonna be chock-full of tips and tricks that healthcare executives, operational leaders, and practicing clinicians can use to boost their growth and see immediate results. So whether you’re a newbie to the healthcare scene or a seasoned pro, Mike’s got you covered. His unique perspective and deep knowledge of how to use data to drive value make him the perfect guide for anyone looking to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

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So, stay tuned for the first post in the series, and be sure to subscribe to the blog to receive regular updates and insights from Mike about how to navigate digital transformation with data. We can’t wait to share this exciting journey with you!


Want to learn more about Mike?

Mike Burton, VP, Value Engineering

From StarTAC to iPhone 14 Pro

Mike Burton Career Timeline

Mike’s career began in the late 90s monitoring clinical trials. He could occasionally make a phone call for about 50 cents a minute from a Motorola StarTAC flip phone that was proudly displayed on a belt holster. A few years later, he took on his first monitoring team leader role and was given a 2 way Motorola pager with a small keyboard. Answering emails remotely was initially thrilling, but that novelty soon ran out!

The early 2000s brought a big pharma clinical trial management role along with early adoption of one of the first internet-based data capture tools using slow dial-up connections (can you hear the sound?). Mike became enamored with the new technologies and in 2004 he secured a more senior role leading a team to roll out the new data capture tools to the business users in the whole company. He was also able to coax a colleague to allow him to have an early trackball BlackBerry, which were often only for senior executives. From then on, he was hooked on these new ‘smartphones’ and was able to use a few different BlackBerry models, including the poorly designed Storm with touch screen.

Mike’s iPhone moment finally came on 1/11/11 with a Verizon iPhone 4. At the time, he was responsible for eClinical technology at a contract research organization and knew that this device was a technology inflection point— nothing would ever be the same. In 2012, technologies were evolving quickly; he seized the opportunity to work in a strategy role for Jen Goldsmith at Veeva Systems, which was creating multi-tenant cloud solutions for life sciences. Now working for a software company, Mike knew that he had found his place. iPhone X in 2017 again showed that there was no limit to how far these devices could go and how important they were becoming to life around the world. Mike’s nine years at Veeva taught him an incredible amount about regulated industry software strategies as well as how to ensure that customers actually realized the promised business value from the solutions.

At Tendo since 2021, Mike is responsible for identifying near-term quantitative value that can be driven from Tendo solutions by solving some of the most complicated economic and efficiency challenges facing health system leaders today.

In his career, Mike has watched mobile devices evolve from simple communication tools to powerful computers in our pockets. He now wants to use his deep technology enablement experience to help healthcare achieve its iPhone X moment – moving from a simple iPhone with a home button to a next-generation device that can do almost anything for patients, caregivers and providers.

And yes, he has had every iPhone since the iPhone 4 and now has an iPhone 14 Pro, which is still fun and exciting to use every day.

We’re counting down the days until the first post in the series drops, so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to the blog to get all the latest updates and insights from Mike.

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Mike Burton

Mike Burton

VP, Value Engineering