Can you demystify the data?

by | Sep 6, 2022

If so, let’s talk. We’re hiring a Data Scientist to join the Tendo Informatics team, and you might be the one.

We sat down with Dr. Bala Hota, SVP, Chief Informatics Officer—and recognized leader in healthcare quality and risk analytics—to learn a little bit more about what he’s looking for in this open role.

Q: Can you talk about quality management and risk adjustment as a practice?

A: Our goal and our vision is to make it easier for hospitals to understand the quality they’re providing to ensure they’re doing everything they can to improve it. Ultimately, we’re using data analytics to help drive that quality improvement.

Q: How does the data scientist role fit into the overall team?

A: We’re building an industry-leading database that will help with benchmarking and understanding quality, and this role will be an integral part of helping build that database.

Q: What three characteristics are most important in the person who fills this role?

A: First, they must be inquisitive and curious. Second, we want a self-starter—someone who isn’t afraid to do some research or try a new method in order to figure something out. And, of course, there’s a reality around the technical requirements of the position. We need someone who is proficient at Python and skilled in data science technologies.

Q: What might a typical day look like?

A: If there’s a “typical day,” it would involve a lot of data cleaning, which would be taking existing data, assessing the quality of the information, and making it understandable. It would also involve looking for publicly available data sets, loading them, incorporating, them, and analyzing them. The day might also include driving new insights out of our own data using Python tools.

Q: Why Tendo?

A: The overall culture at Tendo is great. We’re building a team that’s passionate about making a difference in healthcare, and this is a key position on our team. The person who fills this role with have the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

If you think you’re the right person for the job, please take a moment to learn more about our Data Scientist role and apply today!