It’s time for a modern healthcare platform.


Make the easy things easier and the hard things possible.

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A foundation that is agile, flexible & built to last.

Out-of-the-box applications

An evolving suite of solutions to solve the most important healthcare challenges.

EMR integration

Easily plug into your EMR systems with bi-directional data exchange.

Configurable and extensible

Add, remove, and extend workflows to compose solutions for your unique organization’s needs.

Data-driven intelligence and action

Our solutions run on analytics-informed logic, making our apps smarter and the whole system dynamic.

Form builder and reusable components

Extend our pre-built templates any time with custom fields and functionality that suit your use cases.

Interoperability and APIs

Works seamlessly with your ecosystem to save staff time and resources.

Self-service console

Our agile, no-code, low-IT tooling gives you the power to create your own solutions on your terms.

Enterprise-grade and HIPAA compliant

Tendo is natively architected for healthcare to ensure privacy and security.

Tendo Apps and Platform

Your self-service toolkit for rapid configuration.

What once took weeks or months now takes hours.

Tendo platform featues and screens

It’s time to unlock your operational efficiency.

Tendo product enhancements are delivered frequently and seamlessly.

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Keep your business agile

Accelerate the deployment of new applications and capabilities to get to market faster.

Maximize user engagement

Automate outreach and proactively engage your stakeholders.

Consolidate your ecosystem

End your reliance on multiple point solutions. Everything you need is organized around one platform.

Supercharge your key initiatives

Launch and refine service line-specific quickly and efficiently with our care journey library of reusable components.

Reduce costs

Differentiate without building from scratch with easy and affordable ongoing development and maintenance.

Create solutions built on insight

Improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and increase your ranking with our platform powered by advanced analytics data.

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Uncover quality & ranking opportunities to improve quality & financial outcomes.
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Maximize documentation accuracy & completeness with prioritized workflows.
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Deep insights and targeted outreach to identify and engage prioritized patients.
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Patient Care Journey

Omnichannel app that simplifies the end-to-end patient care journey.

Care Connect

Grow your employer ‌portfolio by offering bundled, shoppable procedures.

It’s time for end-to-end care in one seamless platform.

It’s time to Tendo.

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It’s time for end-to-end care in one seamless platform.

It’s time to Tendo.