Drive complete & accurate documentation reviews with Tendo QDI.

Tendo’s Quality Documentation Improvement (QDI) application helps teams organize, prioritize, and manage the workflow queue of documentation improvement opportunities, resulting in increased team productivity and higher-quality results.

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Help your team streamline, prioritize & manage your documentation improvement workflows.

Boost quality results for your organization while simplifying and reducing documentation efforts.

Using data insights to drive real-world results.

Sample Tendo customer results:



increased comorbidity capture for all conditions

4year low

in observed:expected (O:E) ratio for oncology mortality

It’s time to improve quality & clinical outcomes through insight-driven action.

Task dashboards

Insights data is delivered through actionable task dashboards

QDI task dashboard

Case-level records

CDI specialists review the details and evidence for each case, allowing for efficient decision-making and action

case level records

Smart coding suggestions

Automated & tailored coding suggestions are provided for specific conditions associated with each case

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Workflow queue management

Cases are easily resolved, reassigned, or queried

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Intuitive case search

Filtering, categorization & sorting of cases is simple and intuitive

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Team management dashboard

CDI managers utilize reporting dashboards displaying case status, team productivity, performance & more

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How Tendo QDI works.


Tendo Insights analyzes your data

Our Insights engine identifies high-value charts and at-risk patients for documentation improvement opportunities resulting in efficient workflows.

We deliver prioritized task dashboards

Tendo QDI delivers automated and streamlined workflows, prioritizing work that results in increased productivity, and accurate and complete coding.

Your team reviews charts & opportunities

Specialists use QDI to research opportunities & generate provider queries. Managers monitor performance via reports and dashboards. Health & quality outcomes improve.

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It’s time to improve documentation, accuracy, and completeness.

It’s time to Tendo.

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It’s time to improve documentation, accuracy, and completeness.

It’s time to Tendo.