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For a limited time we are offering CDI assessment reports to select health systems.

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Tendo’s clinical documentation improvement solution enables you to:

Increase reimbursement

Quality improvements and coding accuracy boost reimbursements.

Reduce costly penalties

Decrease hospital readmission and HAC rates.

Create better patient outcomes

Increase the accuracy of patient data and get credit for the quality of care.

Streamline workflow for clinical, revenue, and CDI teams

Effective workflows help automate processes to increase staff productivity as well as drive multidisciplinary alignment.

Gain visibility into real-time performance

Surface insights to executive leadership about clinical care.

Improve national, state, and regional rankings

Higher rankings mean better recognition for care among patients and peers, which can also help attract top talent.

more of what Tendo has to offer

For patients and clinicians

Patient Care Journey

Tendo's unified, consumer-grade, omnichannel app empowers patients to navigate their health. Drive patient growth and retention through better engagement.

For clinical, quality, and revenue teams

Advanced Insights

Get credit for your excellent clinical work with our CDI analytics to uncover quality and ranking opportunities while reducing penalties and increasing revenue.

For IT and operations

Modern Platform

Command and control center for your digital ops. Orchestrate solution configurations in a self-service environment to be flexible, agile, and scalable across all your service lines.

It’s time to harness data to make smart moves.

It’s time to Tendo.

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It’s time to harness data to make smart moves.

It’s time to Tendo.