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Our vision.

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Healthcare is at an inflection point. Consumer technology has evolved to provide intuitive, user-friendly experiences in nearly every realm of our daily lives. And yet, when it comes to the most important thing in life—our health—we find ourselves burdened with redundant requests, Byzantine processes, and disconnected systems.

Healthcare doesn’t have to be this way. The pandemic necessitated the adoption of new technologies like virtual care at an unprecedented speed. Practitioners adapted. Patients applauded. And caregivers rejoiced. Pandora’s box had opened and left everyone asking, “Why can’t all healthcare experiences be easy?”

At Tendo, we’re driven by that question, and we’re working to become the trusted connection between patients, clinicians, and caregivers by creating software that provides seamless, intuitive, user-friendly experiences throughout the care journey.

To deliver on this vision, we are applying modern, cloud-based technologies to healthcare. We will build bridges, not barriers. Our platform and applications will be connected, flexible, and open. We will serve as a critical player in the healthcare ecosystem, delivering a technological foundation that empowers people to manage their health—and the health of those in their care—better than today.

We will embrace a new center of gravity that delivers a more singular view of patients to improve their experiences while easing the burden on clinicians and caregivers. Our platform will be a trusted connection between legacy EMRs and disparate point solutions. And as we have since our founding, we will listen to and work with visionary healthcare systems to ensure that our solutions deliver immediate and lasting value.

We envision a future in which:

  • Patients experience streamlined processes, proactive support, and zero frustration.
  • Clinicians spend more time in front of patients and less time in front of screens.
  • Caregivers play an essential role in their loved ones’ care and receive compassionate support.
  • Healthcare systems increase access and equity while decreasing complexity.

Together, we will deliver that future. It’s time to reimagine what’s possible.

It’s time to Tendo.

Dan Goldsmith

CEO, Tendo

Jen Goldsmith

President, Tendo