Our products.

Before starting Tendo, we spent almost a year engaged in one of the most important activities that drives product creation: listening. And we’ve never stopped. We’ve talked with patients, clinicians, caregivers, and health system leaders. The insights we’ve gathered from those conversations have shaped our product vision and continue to fuel our product development.

Today, we are focused on providing a deeply intuitive and connected patient care journey by creating and implementing applications that support core care activities from finding a provider, to scheduling an appointment, to managing critical healthcare tasks, and communicating with both caregivers and care teams. We will continue to listen to and learn from our customers and end-users to rapidly drive new capabilities and insights. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’re building…

Mobile app designs

Seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly applications.

Our applications proactively lead patients through their individual care journeys from preventative care reminders, to appointment booking, to follow-up care activities. Tendo’s rich mobile experiences, personalized interactions, and patient-friendly workflows minimize patients’ scrambling to figure out “what’s next?”

Woman Physician on Computer

A purpose-built platform for innovative healthcare systems.

Cloud-native. Integrated through an open API. Configurable to rapidly address emerging healthcare system needs. Our technology platform provides the foundation for all Tendo applications, creating a unified, connected environment where patient, clinician, and caregiver capabilities work together to deliver seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly experiences.

“At Jefferson Health, we are changing the paradigm of delivery to one where access is simple and patients thrive without healthcare getting in the way–what we call healthcare with no address. Tendo shares our vision and has the experience and expertise to deliver the right technology for this change.”

–Dr. Stephen Klasko – Co-author, Unhealthcare & Former CEO, Jefferson Health

“We are aligned with Tendo’s forward-looking vision to transform the healthcare experience, and we’re excited to collaborate closely with Tendo to bring that vision to life.”

– Douglas McKee, MD – Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Health First

“Tendo is aligned with our Health Assurance vision in which a new era of healthcare technology will simplify access, streamline engagement, and improve patient outcomes. We’re excited to work with Tendo to dramatically improve the care experience over the next decade.”

–Hemant Taneja – Managing Partner, General Catalyst & co-author, Unhealthcare