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Shaping the Future of Healthcare Ratings: A Patient-Empowered Approach.

by | Aug 28, 2023

In a healthcare landscape where consumer awareness is on the rise, the relevance of rating systems cannot be overstated. Patients are becoming more empowered and engaged in their healthcare choices, and the role of rankings must evolve to meet these changing dynamics. It is imperative to transition towards metrics that resonate with patients and providers alike, fostering a clearer understanding of the quality of care being provided. A greater emphasis on real-time data and outcome-driven measurements is crucial to drive genuine improvements in healthcare delivery.

The recent release of the 2023 US News rankings for hospitals has ignited debate among many stakeholders. The completeness, transparency and currency of the data are some of the factors being scrutinized.

In this recent article published in STAT Health Brian Stein, M.D., M.S., Chief Quality Officer at RUSH University Medical Center and Bala Hota, M.D., M.P.H., Senior Vice President and Chief Informatics Officer at Tendo lend their expertise to this crucial conversation. Their insights illuminate the path forward, advocating for a transformative shift that ensures the rating systems of tomorrow serve the best interests of patients and providers alike. As we navigate this intricate landscape, the reimagining of healthcare ratings stands as a vital step toward a more transparent, relevant, and patient-centered future.

Here at Tendo, we have done the work to understand the latest changes and their implications and are actively helping organizations adjust accordingly. We have a proven path to get you the credit you deserve for your outstanding clinical quality while providing meaningful information most useful for patients.

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