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Insights from the Frontline: A Healthcare Professional’s Perspective.

by | Jun 5, 2023

Introducing Ali’s blog series Insights from the Frontline: A Healthcare Professional’s Perspective – an insightful exploration from the clinical side of healthcare. Ali Cheema, a seasoned healthcare professional with over two decades in the industry, brings a unique perspective, drawing on her personal experiences as a patient, caregiver, and nurse. Ali’s extensive background in bedside nursing and healthcare consulting has given her a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities many of us face every day.

Ali will share her expertise and perspectives on a wide range of healthcare topics, including exploring clinician challenges and sharing personal experiences as a patient and caregiver. This series will provide valuable insights and information for anyone interested in how the clinical side of healthcare impacts us all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from Ali’s expertise and perspectives. Subscribe now to receive her latest blog posts and stay up to date on the latest healthcare trends and insights

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 Learn more about Ali Cheema

Ali Cheema, MIM, BSN, RN is a Sr.Director of Customer Engagement at Tendo

Ali has worked in various roles in the healthcare industry, from bedside nursing to consulting on technology and clinical workflow, and has gained valuable experience and knowledge along the way. At Tendo, Ali brings her expertise to the table, supporting teams with her clinical knowledge and perspectives as a patient, caregiver, and nurse.

Ali began her career as a bedside nurse, where she gained first-hand experience in different healthcare settings and saw the challenges that clinicians face in providing high-quality care to patients. She later transitioned to consulting at Philips Healthcare’s Patient Monitoring Division, where she provided guidance on technology and clinical workflow across the United States, and gained a comprehensive understanding of hardware and software solutions. 

Her expertise eventually led her to Salesforce’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Business Unit, where she consulted with organizations on technology and clinical workflow and worked with her team of solution engineers to design cloud solutions that best supported customers’ needs. 

As a healthcare and life sciences professional with more than 20 years of experience, Ali brings a broad perspective. Her personal experience as a patient and caregiver has influenced her career path and approach to healthcare. 

At Tendo, our vision is to transform the end-to-end patient experience, support clinicians, and drive better outcomes for providers.

Ali Cheema

Ali Cheema

Sr. Director Customer Engagement

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